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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Minions #131 - Deep End

Stand by, following the usually commercial jibber-jabber for a secret message from your Minion Master!


Your visit is important to us. Please give all your bank account and personal information to the nearest Minion and stare mindlessly at the screen for a end-of-summer message from your Minion Master, following the usual commercial interruptions.

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"Where the beatings will continue until all customers are satisfied!"


(Oh, come on. You know you want to be naughty!)

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*Actually, we're just going to send Minion Number Two and he's just going to bruise the little tyke's face with his gas-mask. This, however, is still better than being kissed by the candidate.)

Greetings, Back-seat Drivers!

We've finally progressed far enough with recovering from the computer crash to edit and post a new cartoon. More soon as I try to make up for the two Mondays we missed.

Between recovering data from the crashed hard-drive, transfering it to the new machine, and migrating from XP to Vista (necessitating some software upgrades, including a new version of Paint Shop Pro, the photo editor we use, it's taken a lot longer than I thought.

As of this moment, the new computer is still sitting on the living room floor hooked up to our big TV, but I hope to pull out the old computer and move it into the office tonight or tomorrow morning. Then we can get a little more back to business as usual.

- Missing Minion Master Steve


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back!

Anonymous said...

That is a funny one!
Car pooling...

SnakeJawz said...

Who is the blue guy on the trailer? Is he from the minion temp program?