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Monday, October 15, 2007

Minions #85 - Job Insecurity

Don't miss the latest ravings of a lunatic madman, your Minion Master, following the usual annoying noise...

While waiting for your impending doom, shop:
"If you're not 100% satisfied, then the beatings will begin!"



(Oh, come on. You know you want to be naughty!)

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*Actually, we're just going to send Minion Number Two and he's just going to bruise the little tyke's face with his gas-mask. This, however, is still better than being kissed by the candidate.)

A message to ground-zero from your fearless leader:

Greetings, collateral damage,

We have a slogan here at Minions Central: "It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!" Which is why, whenever possible, we pass the buck to a low-paid, expendable flunky.

Basically, there are two kinds of people in the world. The people who make up these stupid slogans, and the people who get stuck with the crap-ass jobs. We know what kind of person we want to be. How about you?

Hey, have you checked our sidebar lately? I'm always tinkering with it, updating the Evil List of Good Names for Rock Bands and the The Incomplete List of Evil Overlords and Super-villains, passing along new messages from our characters, and updating links. So check it out. You may be missing fun stuff.

Speaking of, maybe you've wondered who gets on The Incomplete List of Evil Overlords and Super-villains. Surely, there's no shortage of candidates, but in truth, you'll not find many real terrorists or murderers, or violent criminals there. Instead, I skim the current news for people, companies, agencies, or very occasionally, things that (in my evil opinion) annoy or offend on a grand scale, the sort of pervasive but low-level evil that rarely gets acknowledged as such. I usually don't explain who (or what) they are, or why they're on the list. I leave it to you to go do a little searching (Google's News Search is always a good place to start).

Know somebody you think should be on the list? Drop me a note. If I agree, I'll put them up.

And with that, my regular plea to share "Minions at Work" with friends and family, and to drop us a note or, better yet, leave a comment here on the blog. Because love to hear from you.

- Steve


BrineB said...

Very funny!!! Sorta like when you are holding a nail and say to the guy holding the hammer "When I nod my head you hit it"

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, there's just no satisfying some workers!