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Monday, October 08, 2007

Minions #84 - Big Cheese

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Don't miss the latest ravings of a lunatic madman, your Minion Master, following the usual annoying noise...

While waiting for your impending doom, shop:
"If you're not 100% satisfied, then the beatings will begin!"



(Oh, come on. You know you want to be naughty!)

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*Actually, we're just going to send Minion Number Two and he's just going to bruise the little tyke's face with his gas-mask. This, however, is still better than being kissed by the candidate.)

A message about milk - it does a baddie good:

Greetings, Swiss Army Knaves,

"Dinosaur Milk." It makes me laugh to say it. I makes me laugh to type it. Same with "Dinosaur Cheese."

"Dinosaur Cheese." There. I did it again.

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See you next week.



Anonymous said...

Does dinosaur milk have bones in it? I bet it does ... you got to watch those eveil monions all the time ... FoMo

Anonymous said...

Number 1 doesnt' seem to be too impressed with the latest plan. grin.

Ayesongs said...

Hey! If you're allergic to mammal milk, can you drink dinosaur milk? Could be an alternative to soya for me.

Go, go, Dr Coldblood!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, but we need to know- Will Evil triumph over Gouda?

BrineB said...

Can Dino milk make cheese??? Made me laugh!!!