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Monday, June 11, 2007

Minions #66 - Hot Seat

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(Stay tuned for an important message from your Minion Master, following the usual crass commercialism.)

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Shoplifters cheerfully disintegrated!



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A stern reprimand from the Minion Master:

Greetings, Sitting Ducks,

Running a little late this week. I had a non-fiction book proposal to finish up last night and didn't get done until the wee hours, nor out of bed till noon today.

Those of you not on our email reminder list (see above) have been missing out on some fun stuff. The reminder list has its own exclusive web page with goodies such as file downloads, photo galleries, and -- polls. We just closed a poll on the list's favorite Minions at Work character, and here are the results:

POLL QUESTION: Who is your favorite Minions at Work character?

- No. 1 - The backwards-hat leader, 30.43%
- Number Two - The wise-cracking, big-nose, gas-mask guy, 13.04%
- Number Nine - (the black guy) He's a lover, not a fighter, 8.70%
- Number Ten - (the camo helmet guy) He's a fighter, not a lover, 0.00%
- Number 67 - The female Minion, 4.35%
- Rookie - The clueless flat gasmask guy with the snorkle, 8.70%
- Penguin, 13.04%
- Doctor Coldblood - Evil reptile overlord, 4.35%
- Gondor McKomb - Suited bureaucrat, a minion of a different kind, 0.00%
- The Bartender - Evil master of mixacology with a mysterious past, 8.70%
- Dragon Lady - Beautiful Asian barfly, also mysterious, 8.70%

So, what does it all mean? Well, it's hardly a scientific poll, and it isn't a big sample. Most of you aren't on the reminder list, and only about half of those who are voted. I also set up the poll so you could only vote for one favorite. It might have come out quite differently if I'd allowed multiple choices. Still...

Not a huge surprise that our fearless leader No. 1 is the most popular character, of only because he's the most visible and recognizable. But he was slow out of the gate, with several characters beating him in early voting.

I'm maybe surprised that not more people voted for Number Two. Our self-centered lay-about is one of my personal favorite characters.

But people do love the Penguin. No surprise that he's a break-out character. Penguins are hot, and how can you not love a Penguin in a crash helmet?

One surprise is that anybody voted for the bartender, much less that he did as well as he did. He's never been the focus of a panel, never had a line. He's just there, looking cool in his Hawaiian shirt and mixing a mean martini or two. But I'm glad, as I do have a back-story in mind for him that ties him more closely to the Minions than you'd imagine, and we'll get around to doing more with him one of these days.

On the other hand, nobody voted for poor Gondor McKomb, and he's been more center stage than the bartender in several panels. Go figure.

And poor Number 10. Also unloved. Too violent I guess.

Anyway, we'll do this poll again in a while. Hopefully more of you will sign up for the list, and by then you'll probably have seen more of our supporting characters, and can better form an opinion about them.

But that doesn't mean the poll fun is over. Our next poll (already underway) allows you to chose which of a list of evil plans you'd carry out if you were an overlord. We'll announce the results here in a few weeks. Sign up for the list now so you can join the fun!

See you next time.

- Steve


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear. Number 2 should have learnt by now. grin

Anonymous said...

LOL! If I only had a dollar for everytime I've seen this happen in real life! Excellent, Steven!