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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Minions #52 - Immigrant labor

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Looking is free - at least until we can find a way to charge for it. We're evil, darn it!

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Notes from the Minion Master:

Greetings Minionoids,

Advice of the day: Be careful what you wish for...

Brag of the day: Remember a while back when we gave away a signed copy of my wife Chris' ALIAS tie-in novel, A Touch of Death? Well, it's a nominee for the 2006 IAMTW Scribe Awards, in the catagory of
Best Young Adult Novel (All Genres), which will be awarded at this year's San Diego Comicon. Big congrats to Chris!.

Just a reminder, if you order a Minions shirt or other item, be sure to send us your pictures of you wearing or using your items. We'll post them here on the site. Just to get you rolling, here are a couple shots of our model Zoe. (our kinda, sorta, almost granddaughter who we're crazy about. Familial relationships are complicated in the 21st century.)

She's wearing our "Infant/Toddler Evil Nature T-Shirt." I'm promised some pictures from the back, eventually, which reads (of course) "Evil is not my nature. Evil is just my day job." At only $9.99, it's a great conversation piece, and will give your toddler the fear and respect they deserve. Why have rug-rats, when you can have little Minions?

I've also had some requests for new items. First of all, Black shirts. Yes, I want these too, but I have to redo my art for the new shirts, and just haven't gotten around to it yet. Soon. When I do, maybe I'll also do some red shirts. Mainly around here, we're about the black and the white, but red-shirts are kind of Minions of good. You know what happens to red-shirts don't you?

Also, I had a (gulp!) request for a Minions thong. Well, okay, we try to please. I've just added an "evil nature" thong to the store, at least on a trial basis. Okay, if you send me thong pictures, we are not posting them on the site!

But since I want to be sure the store is considered family/office friendly, maybe I'll start up a separate shop for undies and such at some point. "Number 2's House of Naughty" has a nice ring to it.

Well, that's all for this week. As always, share with your friends, and never let the Overlords catch you napping...

- Steve, Minion Underlord.

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