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Friday, May 19, 2006

DVD Extra, Minions #6

Where possible, I'm going to try and pack extra gags and in-jokes into these Minions panels. For instance, perhaps you noticed the "bad-girl" locker pin-ups in Minions #7 (can you identify them all?) or the interesting off-duty clothing that Minion 2 is holding.

Or perhaps you noticed the tag on the guard-dog in Minons #6, or the fact that there appears to be a sticky-note there. Maybe you even wondered what it said. Well, it really isn't visible, no matter how close you look, so I'm presenting here.

This same note will show up in at least one other panel down the road (I've already shot it), but in the future, the note and its contents will change.

Maybe you'll be able to read them. Maybe you won't. But I'll know they're there, and maybe share them in a future DVD extra.

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J. Steven York said...

Jay, not being that familiar with Livejournal, is there something I should be doing with this? Setting it up as a link or something?