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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

If you haven't been to our new beta site, TheMinionsAtWork.com, things are getting exciting there! Not only are we still going regular reposts of the original Minions at Work comics with new commentary, we're committed to posting one new comic (often a full page rather than a single panel) each week! Yeah, that's already more Minions than you used to get here. But we're ramping up to our Minions at Work 2.0 reboot, when you can look forward to TWO new posts each week, bigger than better than ever before!

We've also started a Patreon page, where you can sign up to support our ongoing Minions at Work and our pending reboot. Supporters at the $1 a month level (or more if you want, but we'll love you just for a dollar -- wait -- that sounded wrong) get to see new cartoons in advance of everyone else, and post in members-only discussions that get my special attention. I'm also working on ideas for some members-only content and other rewards. (And yes, the Paypal tip jar should still work, but Patreon is easier and more painless.)

So come on over and check out the new stuff!

Greetings, Overstocks and Factory Seconds!
Support starving Minions in Lair-land! Your donations support Minions at Work!

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