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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sorry we're late this week...BUT WE'RE EVIL!

Your Minion Master Here,

Sorry we're late this week, folks!  I had every intention of getting a new cartoon out on Tuesday (because of the U.S. holiday).  Had the gag all planned, and even started setting up for the shoot.  

But a lot of Life has been happening here at the lair, what with a close family member having a triple heart bypass and Mrs. Minion Master spending the weekends in a neighboring city to take care of said relative.  

Between that, the holiday, and the fact that I've been busy writing a long-delayed piece of fiction (which I just finished a few minutes ago) I decided this week's cartoon could just get bumped down the priority list, and I wasn't going to lose any sleep over it.  

So, while the above cartoon is not exactly correct about the situation, it does describe my mood at the moment.  I definitely won't have the cartoon tonight, though it's always possible I could jump on it tomorrow or later in the week.  

Or maybe I'll just say screw it, and run it next Monday instead.  Uncertainty.  It's how I roll right now.

So, while I hate to be an unreliable spoil-sport, that's just the way it's going to be this week.

But definitely I'll do better next week, so check back in a day or two if you want, just in case, and for sure be back here next Monday when there will for sure be a new Minions at Work cartoon!

- Steve

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