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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Minions #308 - Map Snacks (and some free fiction)

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Greetings, Garmins and Tomtoms!

We're late a day this week, and it's by design.  Guess I should have announced it ahead of time, but we had a good reason.  Nobody notices if we post an announcement of a new cartoon if we do it on a weekend or a major holiday, and Monday was a U.S. holiday, so we held back till Tuesday.  In fact, you can pretty much assume we will do that for EVERY major U.S. holiday that falls over a Monday.  I know the little fine print at the bottom of each cartoon says, "New Minions Every Monday!", but that's a lie.  We're EVIL, dammit!  So deal.

Monday was also the 50th anniversary of the first flight of John Glenn, the first American astronaut into orbit, and in honor of that, my wife, Mrs. Minion Master, AKA multi-published author Christina F. York (AKA mystery writers Christy Evans and Christy Fifield.  Yes, she has aliases.  We're EVIL dammit!) has decided to make one of her favorite science-fantasy stories available for free over on her blog.  It's an alternate-history story about John Glenn, and it's called Godspeed.  Check it out here.

See you guys back here next week.  Maybe even on Monday.

                       - Master Monday Mover Steve
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Lee Allred said...

But wouldn't honoring holidays be good and dishonoring holidays be evil?

If evil is only their day job, the minions wouldn't be working holidays, so they wouldn't be evil then, so they'd be honoring holidays and not posting.

But since their bosses are evil, their bosses would make them work holdiays, so the minions would have to go through the motions of being evil on holidays and post on holidays, but since they didn't post either evil ISN'T their day job or their bosses really aren't evil.

But would pretending to be evil when you're not be considered evil in itself? So they would have posted on holidays. But they didn't, ergo they aren't pretending they're evil ... they're just plain evil. Or just plain not evil.

I'm so confused!

J. Steven York said...

Remember that the Minions themselves don't post these cartoons. It is I, your Minion Master who inflicts them on the world. Evil is only their day job, but for me (at least as long as I'm wearing my Minion Mater hat, which I will leave to your imagination) it is a lifestyle choice.

Also, if you read my post carefully, the evil is not in posting, or not posting, it is in lying that there will be new Minions EVERY Monday. I lie. I lie all the time. This very sentence is a lie. (Ha! Made your computer explode! We're EVIL, dammit!)

-Minion Master Steve