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Monday, December 12, 2011

Minions #299 - Ho Ho Horrific (and a sad goodbye to some great Minions!)

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Greetings, Holiday Spoilers!

I'm sad to report this week the sudden and unexpected closure of the Hilltop Inn, our local writer's hang-out for more than a decade.  All that time, every Sunday afternoon, somewhere between four and forty (and we never knew exactly how many in advance) would show up, eat, drink coffee and iced tea by the bathtub-full, harass the staff, get harassed back by the staff in spades, talk writing, gossip, and generally have a great time.  Well, the economy and life-difficulties for the owners have brought it all to a sudden end.  There were about twenty of us there today, and we were literally the last customers out as they closed it down, which was somehow appropriate.

I looked back though the archives, and sure enough, back in 2008 I dedicated a cartoon to the ever-patient staff (we stayed so long every Sunday, we pretty much always sat through breaks and shift changes for our wait-person).  I'm rerunning it today in their honor.  We will miss you guys.  You were the best Minions ever, and we didn't appreciate you nearly enough until you were gone.  Best of luck to you in landing quickly in a new lair!  Sigh.
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- Sad Minion Master Steve
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