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Monday, January 24, 2011

Minions #256 - Where there's Smoke...

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Greetings, Core News Demographic!

Well, Doctor Coldblood continues his drunken binge this week, even though it's a little early for spring break.

Just another quick book plug.  Mrs. Minion Master, in her secret alias of "Christy Evans," has a new mystery coming out February 1st, the third in her series of crime-solving-plumber mysteries.  It's called "Drip Dead."  Check it out where ever books are sold!  Or recommend it to the nearest mystery fan immediately!  We've got bills to pay here!

Point in fact, we're being served up with some irony this week.  The lair is being invaded by heating repair guys who are going to be grubbing around our crawl-space replacing all the duct work.

Why is this ironic?  Well, my story "Gordie Culligan vs. Doctor Long Beach and the HVAC of Doom," written for the anthology "If I Were an Evil Overlord," is about a heroic heating and air-conditioning guy working in the ducts of a volcanic lair (that just happens to be located in Long Beach, California).

Got to check my paperwork.  If the rights on that story have reverted, I much just post it here as a freebie for you guys to read soon.  I'll let you know...

- Irony Master, Steve
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