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Monday, December 20, 2010

Minions #252 - You Better Watch the ____ Out!

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Greetings, Regifted Followers and Future Returns!

Hey, happy holidays to all of your out there from us at the Lair!

We've got a couple of announcements to make:

First, I've just updated the site to a new "mobile aware" template, which those of you reading from a phone, pad, or other mobile device should get a cleaner, easier to navigate site.  Things should remain the same for our computer-users.  Please let us know how it's working for you.

And like I said, FREE GIFT!  Just pop on over to the Tsunami Ridge Publishing site to read a free holiday short-short-story, "A Holiday Explained," written by your Minion Master!  I think you'll find it every bit as warped and silly as your regular Minion entertainment, if not more so!  Find the story by clicking HERE.

And come on back here next week for the LAST MINIONS AT WORK OF THE YEAR!  (And you thought it would never end...)

                                                      - Your Merry Minion Master, Steve
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Karen L. said...

You have the wildest imagination ever. Y'all have to read that story - you won't believe it.

stevefah said...

Cute story, Steve! Good holiday fare...

BTW--Gifts are, by definition, FREE! So "free gift" is a total redundancy, like "order in advance" (when you order something you're asking for something that hasn't been delivered; ergo, in advance)!
(Oh, and while I'm picking nits, has anyone else noticed that the "words" you type for verification that you're human often appear in no known language?)

J. Steven York said...

Ah, but I beg to differ! In business, family, and relationships, a "gift" often isn't free, and everything that's free isn't a gift.

Anyway, that was in ad-speak, a language only marginally related to English.