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Monday, April 27, 2009

Minions #162 Blow Me Down - BONUS #163 Earth Day

Scroll on, following our regularly scheduled cartoon (and the usually jibber-jabber) for a BONUS "Minions at Work" cartoon.To fully deploy humor, click on cartoons to enlarge

Stand by, following some organic commercial manure for a generous fertilization from your Minion Master!

Your torture (Delete unapproved language. Replace:) enhanced interrogation is important to us. To serve you better, your torture (Delete unapproved language. Replace:) enhanced interrogation may be repeated several hundred times (Delete unapproved language. Replace:) twice because one definition of insanity is repeating a failed strategy and expecting different results (Delete unapproved language. Replace:) it always works when Jack Bauer does it on 24, and that's as close to a documentary as you can get.

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Greetings, Below-deck-hands!

Hey, while we're cleaning up at Minions Studios, I decided it would be a good opportunity to clear some slightly soiled factory seconds out of our Bulging Warehouse of Doom (Bulging Warehouse of Doom would, by the way, be a great name for a rock band) and give you guys a twofer this week. So there's a second Minions at Work cartoon following this message.

Also, if you had to scroll down here, I figured there's at least a slightly higher than usual possibly that you'll actually read this crap!

Not to sound like a broken record (which actually sounds something like tisk--tisk--tisk--tisk-ssssccccraaaach! CRACK!), it's tax refund time, and assuming you actually got something back, and assuming you don't need it to keep the lights and water on, maybe you were planning to buy something fun for yourself. (The Kindle 2 seems to be all the rage this year.) If you're gonna blow the cash anyway, how's about clicking though our links in the sidebar to Amazon.com and do your shopping there. (It's the ONLY place to buy Kindle. Did I mention Kindle?)

Okay, failing that, how about a good, old-fashioned book? You know, something with a semi-dressed person on the cover. You know. Literature.

Either way, costs you nothing, and a little sliver of your purchase supports Minions at Work. Come on. You don't want us laying Minions off, do you? (Really? That's cold, man!)

And if you're too damned cheap to buy anything, how's about leaving us a comment? We love to hear from you almost as much as we like getting money. Well, not really, but it just barely beats out a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

- Your Diabolical Duke of Doppelgangers (and Minion Master), Steve


Joel the SailorDude said...

"Arbor Day? That's the day all the ships come back into the Arbor." said Sally Brown from Peanuts.

Avocado_Triffid said...

I was looking through the lair of merchandise and I wondered if you shipped to the UK (and how your prices translated to pounds sterling). I'm sure I'm not the only non-American fan out there, so would you let us know?

J. Steven York said...

Avocado_Triffid: For an answer to your questions, see this week's post (#164).

-Minion Master Steve