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Monday, February 09, 2009

Minions #150 - Sign of the Times

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Greetings, Linesmen!

Hey, look! We're up to #150 already! I suppose I should have done something extra special and cool, but it just didn't fit into the schedule. Hey, it's not that long till #200!

One detail about today's toon I'm going to mention. I love the way the Gorilla is looking up at the Sentinel robot. It's like he's saying, "hey, buddy, you're blocking my cell reception!"

I don't plan to make "Minions at Work" totally about the crappy economy, but it seems to be what's on everyone's mind right now.

At least this is a fresh shoot this week, and not recycled outtakes, though it is a little late. We were sick last week, over the weekend we had house guests, there are looming deadlines, and (you people in the mid-west are gonna laugh, if you can pry your frozen lips open to do so) it snowed here today.

Snow's a big deal here on the Oregon coast. It happens so infrequently, we're just not set up for it. Also, pretty much any way out of here to civilization requires crossing a mountain pass (not a big one, but still, lots more snow up there usually). Fortunately, though it snowed a bunch, it stayed warm and most of it is gone now.

The bad part of it is that, if we ever get some snow that sticks long enough, I'll probably drag out the Minions for an improvised outdoor shoot. It just wasn't happening today though.

- Snowblinding you with science Steve

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