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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Minions #144 - Escape Clause

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Stand by, following some new commercial jibber-jabber for a body-shot from your Minion Master!

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Greetings, Hang Overs!

Welcome to 2009! Cheer up! It can't suck as bad as last year!

Can it?

Anyway, this week's toon offers some more Minion employment advice that you can put to work in your own little life. We're all minions on this bus.

As I said last week, we've been on a real James Bond kick over here at the Lair, and I made one last purchase this week that really puts a cap on things. Ask yourself this, was there ever a bad Bond song? Sure, some are better than others, but they're all great, starting with the Bond theme music in "Doctor No," and on "Goldfinger," "Diamonds are Forever," "You Only Live Twice," "Live and Let Die," "A View to a Kill," and many others.

Until recently, if you wanted to get them all, you'd need a stack of CDs (or at least pay $20+ for downloads that are useless when your Zune hits a leap-year or your iPod's battery bursts into flame!). But now they're all on one, affordable CD. Trust me, this is money well spent.

How much would you pay? Operators are standing by!

Nah, not actually. But buy it from Amazon through this link, and send a little scratch our way.

Your iPod will self-destruct in ten seconds. Gotta go!

See you next week.


- Minions are Forever Steve

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