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Monday, November 05, 2007

Minions #88 - Relative Beauty


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It's another one of those weeks, where I wonder if y'all will be laughing or just scratching your heads. I thought it was funny, but I'm strange. Just in case, I've whipped up a little bonus content for you, another of our famous parody Minions magazine covers. Click on the small picture for a larger version, and enjoy. (I've got to print some of these out as mini-magazines and start using them as props for future cartoons.)

To give you some background on this week's cartoon, let me just say that I live at the beach. A really beautiful beach, in my opinion, on the Oregon coast, and having lived her for many years now I just can't imagine living anywhere else. Well, at least anywhere far from waves, sand, trees, and mountains.

Yet I do leave here sometimes. I like to travel, almost as much as I like coming home. And as I've driven across the country, I've seen many beautiful things. But I've also been many places so ugly, so unplesant, that, if they were a Wookie, you'd shave their butts and make them walk backwards.

These are the kinds of places that I can't drive through fast enough, that I can't imagine voluntarily stopping at, and God-help-me if there isn't usually somebody who apparently choses to live there!


I mean, it isn't as though there aren't plenty of better places to live, often within a few hours drive. It isn't as though there are great jobs in these places. Often I wonder what people there do at all, but when the economic base is apparent, it usually has to do with A: known carcinogens, B: horrible working conditions, C: high worker mortality, and D: low pay.

In other words, it's pretty much like being a Minion.

Is it just momentum? Are these people simply to ignorant that there's life beyond the radioactive fish-mine or the lead-paint tasting industry? No, they must see something wonderful about where they live and work. I can only figure that, as bad as their place is, they know somewhere even worse!

God help us all.

See you next week, where-ever you live,


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, but I think the Enemies of Freedom should have to pay even MORE than a dollar extra for the magazine. Maybe 1.02. Thought I'd add my two cents.