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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Minions #22 - Mineralogy 101

Click image for larger version.

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Notes from Steve: Well, I hope the joke is worth it. Some of these are more trouble than others. I spent a ton of time cutting "shell casings" from brass rod to scatter on the floor, that barely show up in the picture, and manufacturing splintered bits of door-frame to toss around. Then there was the matter of tracking down an appropriate piece of green crystal. Thanks to my wife Chris for raiding her stash of craft-beads to find me something (and sorry honey, about the big glass bead I dropped and broke).

Next week: Evil Shopping! (Unless I come up with something else first.)


Manetoys said...


Manetoys said...

Oh, meant to ask, who do you have wearing that Superman outfit?

J. Steven York said...

Superman? All I see is some guy in blue tights, a red cape, and red boots. Possibly some traveling circus performer who has lost his way. Superman(TM) is in the eye of the beholder.

The base figure, however, is a "super-articulated" GI Joe(TM) with a "WWII" head-sculpt."